SexArt – Lost Key – Lady Bug

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Cute Lady Bug and her man Nick Ross really want to get naked, but a “Lost Key” is keeping them in suspense. They have a long wait for the locksmith to get them inside, but once they’re behind closed doors they make up for lost time. Together, they make a beeline straight for the bed, Lady sliding her hand inside Nick’s pants to feel him up, then getting on her knees and wiggling her ass at him. Nick’s quick to pull her jeans down and spread her ass cheeks, lapping at her shaved pussy and easing a finger inside her. Pants around his knees, he plunges his stiff cock into her, fucking her in doggy. Lady bucks back against him, sliding onto his pole with each stroke as he humps her to a steady rhythm. The petite sweetheart smiles up at her lover as he powers into her until she’s moaning with pleasure, bouncing vigorously on his dick. They break to finish undressing and jerk each other off, Nick’s fingers in Lady’s drenched pussy as she sucks her own cream from his shaft. Sitting astride him, she guides his cock back into her slippery slot, riding hard; then he flips her onto her back and powers into her, bending her double as he fucks her right through a string of orgasms before filling her with his hot load.