JapanHDV – First anal experience with a guy – Sayaka Aishiro

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Sayaka Aishiro and Niji, the guy that she likes are on a mattress. She kisses him while her hot ass is exposed in white panties, under the short tennis skirt. While holding hands, Sayaka asks Niji if he is upset that she attracted other guys to join the tennis club. She also asks him to take her virginity! Niji sucks the nipples of her big boobs and he rubs her wet pussy over panties. After the panties are off, Sayaka tells the guy to touch her asshole. He fingers her butt with one finger and then with two, while she sits with her ass up in the air. This babe takes the guy’s hard cock in her mouth and sucks it very fast, after licking its head. With her butt up in the air again, Sayaka gets a strong anal. Between her spread legs, this little slut has her butt screwed again, faster and faster, more and more! Niji cums on Sayaka’s tummy, big time, but he also finished in her ass and he apologizes for this. She sticks a finger in her butt and plays with the cum. Sayaka and Niji have to put their clothes on in a hurry because the members of the tennis club are looking for Sayaka. This anal fucking was great and Sayaka admitted this. Now, she has to do her job as the club’s president and, she has to be careful to not let the members find out what she did with Niji.