Herge – Erotic Beach Massage – Ariel

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As the camera comes to life in this epic sensual massage film, the subject is simply presented. She walks alone, staring calmly into the lens, on a deserted beach. Yet her simplicity is deceptive, for this is no mere mortal. This is a radiant, beautiful angel, come to guide you into the highest realms of bliss. Lying naked on a mat on the sands, with the sea surging beside them, her masseuse arrives and begins to rub and probe. Their sexual energy challenges the waves in power. She is a perfect mermaid, and he is a skilled and strapping sailor teaching her the joys of earth. Though calm and composed at first, the mermaid begins to lose her composure beneath his precise, stern touch. She is heaving and soaring, melting and exploding, her breath both drowning in and drowning out the potent waters beside her. Even her sailor is affected, as his swollen member shows. He has touched her erogenous zones, and they have been transformed together. United in passion, they collapse into each other. The sea swells and swells. All is good in the world.