FitnessRooms – Yoga beauty has most intense fuck – Angel Rush

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It’s a calm serene day outside the Fitness Room, where Angel Rush and Angelo are taking advantage of the weather with some outdoor yoga. Breathing deeply, the two yogi find some center while enjoying the grass under their toes. They hold several poses, eventually landing on Warrior. As their arms extend, their fingertips brush together. Sparks ignite between the two friends as they move closer together to continue their routine. When she feels Angelo’s warm breath on the back of her neck, Angel gets wet, and when his strong hand grabs her perky tits, she kisses him. After giving him an outdoor blowjob, the pair move indoors where, tearing off Angel’s yoga pants to reveal her firm ass, Angelo fucks her doggystyle, and then shows off his strength by holding her up for a standing 69. By the time Angelo cums in Angel’s mouth, she’s grateful: after that kind of workout, you need to replenish your protein!