FakeHostel – You need a shower – Therese Bizarre

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Therese Bizarre has had a long dirty journey to the Fake Hostel. Coming all the way from Thailand, Therese is tired to say the least, and looking forward to a shower. Ringing the doorbell, she has to admit to the Landlord she only has five Euro to her name. Looking at the French-born babe on his doorstep, especially her natural tits, the landlord agrees to let her into the hostel for a shower. As Therese soaks her skin and cleans the dirt from her face, the Landlord sneaks into her room for a peak at her round ass. Horny, he pulls out his thick cock and shows it to his guest, and though she is hesitant at first, the wetness in her pussy makes her change her mind. Deepthroating the Landlord, Therese’s eyes bulge as he eats her pussy and ass, then fucks her flower until he’s ready to explode. Dropping to her knees, Therese enjoys a huge facial, and as the Landlord leaves she cannot believe her luck!