DigitalPlayground – Jessica Bones – Alex Harper – Natasha Nice

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Everybody fucks, herself including, but former super-heroine turned private eye Jessica Bones (Alex Harper) is in the business of exposing the sex that people shouldn’t be having. When a wealthy businessman (Jessy Jones) suspects his wife (Natasha Nice) of infidelity, he hires Jessica to bring him some proof. Jessica gets the dirt and brings it back to the businessman, and figures no one will get hurt if she seduces him. Mid-blowjob, however, the businessman’s wife storms in! Jessica expects her to be upset, but the whole plot turns out to be a ruse between the couple of have a “super” threesome. Jessica would be upset if sneaking around didn’t make her pussy so wet, and after all, Natasha has huge tits, Mr. Jones has a delicious looking cock, and it’s been a while since Jessica has been properly fucked!