DateSlam – Hunting For Sex Dates Online – Elle Rose

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Hooked up with a flirty girl called Kristina I met online. She was also here in Bali on holiday, and she agreed to meet me in my hotel lobby. Which was a good sign for me, I like them eager! When she arrived I thought wow – young petite long brown hair a real beauty! This date was looking good. We sat and chatted for quite a while. Really nice girl. I flattered her with a lot of compliments. She said she was a student from the Ukraine and looking for some fun on her holiday. In her own words “I’m the best girl, beautiful and smart!” After that it was easy to get her to go with me to my room. Up in my hotel room we started taking pictures. She had a jaw-dropping ass in tight little denim shorts. And this naughty little slut knew it too, flaunting it and making sure I saw it. We were flirting and having a lot of fun. Bit by bit I got her to strip off with a lot of sweet talking. She made a fuss but she sure was relaxed posing in a thong with her ass stuck up in the air for me. I licked her pussy and her asshole and then she was moaning away and not playing hard to get any more. Oh no now this date was full on! Deep throat right from the start. She just swallowed me all the way. We went from 69 to cowgirl and she fucked me real good. Then I fucked her REAL GOOD too. Had such a great time with Kristina. Then she hit me with a bit of a bombshell – her name wasn’t really Kristina, it was Elle Rose. She’s a pornstar who likes to hook up with older guys online for fun times when she is on holiday. Damn I couldn’t believe it Dateslam’ed by Elle Rose, I feel so used