Blackmailed – Stepson Blackmails Cheating Wife Lexi – Lexi Luna

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Busty brunette Lexi Luna is a stay-at-home wife that loves living lavishly on her husband’s dime. The impetuous beauty enjoys a life loaded with luxurious shopping sprees, and she even cheats on her husband with younger studs. When it comes to slacker stepson Robby Echo, Lexi puts on an act, constantly nagging him about lying on the couch all day. As he prepares for a job interview set up by his father, Robby walks by Lexi’s bedroom and eavesdrops: He hears his stepmother setting up a date with another guy! Afterwards, Robby constructs a plan to catch her red-handed and red-faced in the heat of passion… When Lexi and her boy-toy are making out on the couch, Robby sneaks in with his cellphone and snaps photos. He then confronts the hypocritical slut, staring at her naked knockers and rudely commenting, “Now I see why my father married you.” Desperate and nearly hopeless, Lexi covers herself up and tries to negotiate with Robby to get herself out of deep trouble. That’s when Robby demands sexual favors from Lexi in exchange for keeping her secret. Lexi comprehends that she’s being blackmailed by her creepy stepson … and that she has no choice but to comply with his sick, taboo demands! With her massive breasts on display, Lexi kneels before Robby, slurping his thick rod even as they continue bickering. She gags and gurgles while sucking cock, slobbering over his meat throughout. Robbie grips her by the hair and smacks her round rump. He eats Lexi’s wet cunt as she moans lustfully. Nasty Lexi fondles her slit as the blackmailer slam-fucks her bald cunt. The wayward wife realizes that she’s enjoying her lewd encounter with her stepson. This crude family affair features hard cock riding and intense fucking, until compliant Lexi props up her tits for the climax. She begs Robbie not to cum on her face, saying that’s only for his father. But Robbie ignores her, firing a hot load of spunk onto Lexi’s pretty kisser. Offended, she exclaims, “God damn it, Robbie!”